Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my tracking number not updated?

We deal with a number of oversea suppliers and it can take them up to 5 days to ship your item. Although generally we expect this to be done within 1- 2 days after you have made your purchase

How long does shipping take?

This can vary depending on the order. Shipping to the USA can take between 10-21 days. Countries within the EU can take slightly longer. Delivery is very rarely over 30 days but it depends on the demand at the time and national holidays.

Where are my products shipped from?

Most items are shipped from China. Popular items are sometimes shipped fromĀ a USA warehouse. If the item it located in the USA warehouse it will clearly state this on the product page.

To you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide

I order two items but only one has arrived?

We may have shipped your order in two separate packages. Please wait a few days before contacting us.

Are there any taxes to pay on my item?

There is no sales tax charged on the item at checkout, we are responsible for paying that in the appropriate countries. All of our items are low cost so it is very unlikely that any import taxes will be charged on your delivery. Please check local laws if concerned as we are not responsible for import duties.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail

  • Please check your spam/junk folder first as this e-mail is sent to you automatically.
  • Please contact us if there is still a problem